Typography Resources - Typography Resources

To work in typography, you need to be creative but also very knowledgeable about typography resources. Today, many websites, programs, and apps make things easier regarding typography.

At Type Group we urge designers to use them and make the most out of them. We explain those resources, their advantages, disadvantages, and the proper way to use them.

Learning to use typography resources is something you can’t do from one day to the next. You will need to hit the books, get professional assistance, invest time, and get up-to-date with the latest resources that appear with the development of technology.

There are typography resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, and all of them are explained here at Type Group.

What the Font

If you are one of those who love fonts but don’t know what they’re called, What the Font will help you shed some light on the matter. Simply submit your picture, scan the lettering and find out what font you are looking at.


This wonderful blog comprises everything you need and should know about typography. From featuring different sizes’ type lettering to showcasing the designs of a different artist, and a neatly organized platform, Typeverything surely has it all for you and your artwork.

I Love Typography

Founded by John Boardley, this website is currently the most popular typography-focused blog on the web. Thanks to the hefty amount of typography and graphic design tips, useful design advice, and even lovely pictures, I Love Typography has become a top resource for designers in general.


Filled with countless of inspirational pictures, fonts, and artsy ideas for designers to try on their artwork. From large-scale pictures of running websites to typography design ideas, drafts, and even colour and texture tests, Typewolf is a fine website to check.


Alphabettes features wonderful typographies with helpful guides, tutorials, courses, and even live forums to make commentaries on the previous videos. If you are interested in video tutorials and helpful apps, Alphabettes will blow you away.

The work involved in creating typography is based on design. At Type Group, we highly recommend these resources to designers of all levels, as they will come in handy to develop everyone’s skill.