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Type Group is a platform that regularly updates news and articles about typography. We invite our visitors to subscribe to our site to receive notifications of our publications. Subscribing to Type Group is easy and free.

Our deepest desire is to keep all of our users updated with top typography news at all times.

Our designers and developers occasionally make changes to our site to improve the browsing experience. Before we do that, we send a notification via email to all of our subscribers letting them know of those changes.

However, we don’t only notify about changes and news, but also about promotions, new services, among other things. Becoming a Type Group subscriber does not only keep you on top of the news but also brings more benefits.

Our JavaScript system activates every time users come onto our site. The message shows an invitation to subscribe to our site through data submission. Once you enter the information, we send you an email asking you to confirm the subscription. The email we send you has a link you have to click on to confirm the subscription.

Likewise, our site has a form for subscription. The form has a line for your name, last name, and email address. Once the user has entered the data required, we send them an email with a confirmation link.

The subscription enables our users to receive notifications via email of every post we create.

If you have become a subscriber and can’t see any of our messages, you should probably check out your spam folder. Check out your spam folder and change the status of our messages to No Spam.

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Our site sends notifications to the subscribers using one email account, If you suspect you have received an email from somebody impersonating us, report it to us. Subscribing to Type Group is completely free and we never charge users for reading our content.

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