About typegroup - About Us

Type Group is a site dedicated to one of the most valuable forms of art and design, typography. We focus on showing the use of typography in today’s society, useful tips, and typography resources.

We founded Type Group in 2019. Serving our visitors with quality content has been a wonderful experience.

Our Team

We have a team dedicated to researching each and every one of the industries involved in typography nowadays. We believe that without typography, social media would not function as it does at this moment, and many businesses would struggle to advertise. The demand increases by the day, and typography has been of great help to cover it.

The idea of creating a typography-focused blogemerged with the desire of communicating the use of typography today. The term “typography” is not as common as graphic design or web development, but it’s still of paramount importance in design and advertising.

We are a group of designers and developers that create content based on reviews, research, news extracted from reliable sources, and our experience.

When we thought of creating Type Group, our first idea was to educate people about this marvellous art. With the development of social networks, typography has gained popularity. We then decided to create a site that was easy to understand, where our visitors could learn about typography.

We Work Hard to Provide Readable Content To Our Users

On Type Group, we focus on explaining the evolution of typography, the changes occurred in graphic design, and why they matter. We explain the ins and outs of new technologies used in typography today, make predictions, and give information about the best typography services offered by reputable companies.

Our site also concentrates on people willing to work for the first time in typography. Since typography requires effort and time, we have decided to share useful content to help them. Definitely, our other mission is to provide novices with tools and knowledge they can use at some point while also learning.

You may find typography beautiful and interesting, but you will always need expert advice. We value teamwork and show you the relationship existing between typography and other design branches.