Through the years many graphic designers were making many ways to express art in letters, many of them were famous and recognized in a period of time. Typography is everywhere, you can see it on street signs and posters. Keep reading to know more about this.

Joan Brossa

A Spanish graphic designer, poet, and playwright, who creates typography that is known as typefaces transformed letters into a recognized object as keys, books, and pencils in a surreal composition.

Deniz Akerman

This artist follows the footsteps of Brossa. Akerman has been recognized for his amazing illustration of David Bowie that was unique and wonderful. The technique of this graphic designer was to involve merging visuals such as pop culture icons like David Bowie.

8 Best Typography Designers Who Share Their Art computer guy - 8 Best Typography Designers Who Share Their Art

Sabeena Karnik

This graphic designer has a unique technique that allows her to quill paper to create lettering and silhouettes. This technique involves rolling tons of paper that together create decorative 3D designs. Google India, where she created a celebratory design for India’s Independence Day, recognized her work.

Tolga Girgin

It is a Turkish artist who creates amazing 3D calligraphy art that causes an effect that jumps off the page. Drawn by hand, this artist wants to transmit a feeling of surprise when you look at the typography.

Craig Ward

This artist is known as the only one who makes pioneering typographic work. The typography was made by experiments and collaborations. You can recognize the work of this artist because it is an exploration into shaping letterforms using just light sources and cut in surfaces.

Stefan Sagmeister

He was recognized as the artist who designed albums for the Rolling Stones and Lou Reed. He has developed a big reputation for producing art through the use of a broad range of approaches because his real-world typographic were inspirational compositions named Trying to Look Good Limits My Life.

Drew Wallace

An illustrator that was recognized by his creativity of making posters merge iconic motifs with corresponding movie quotes. One of the artworks of this graphic designer was an illustration in a bowling pin that contains such an amazing quote.

Guillaume Apollinaire

He was one of the creatives to experiment with text layout, and he was such an important poet of the early 20th century. However, his poems were printed in unorthodox layouts, the word that he created for this typography was ideogram.

Nowadays typography not only represents the portrayed, typography is in charge to transmit a message clearly because it can change the value of the message in a clear way, two things can say the same thing but without being written in the same way.

8 Best Typography Designers Who Share Their Art

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